The wines of Jean Francoise Coche needs no introduction. This domaine has been an icon for many years and tasting his wines are always a great treat.

Jean Francoise Coche seen here with his trademark baseball cap started working with his father, Georges when he was barely 15 years old. He married Odile Dury in 1975 and the Domaine Coche-Dury was formed.  For over two decades, this estate has been widely considered to epitomise what the finest in Meursault is capable of producing and many have called him among the greatest winemakers on the planet.



You know you are about to drink something extraordinary when you sense the reverence people around the table have for a bottle. From the moment when the wine is poured, there is tranquillity in the air as everyone watches in silence as the liquid elixir flows into their glass, the gentle inhalation and the quiet pondering after the wine is swallowed. This is as if time stood still and the world stopped spinning during that time.

This scene occurs quite often whenever a bottle of Coche is served and that the lofty expectations one has come to anticipate from this cult producer is rarely ever misplaced. At this Domaine, there is never a question about the quality it is always a question of whether one can lay their hands on his wines.

What makes his wine so special? He shrugs his shoulders and says that perhaps is hard work at the vineyards and dedication to old school winemaking. In the many years that I have visited the Domaine, the appointments will always be my last one for the day as he is only free to meet after the work in the vineyards are done.

The Domaine owns about 9 hectares in Meursault, Puligny-Montrachet, Corton, Auxey-Duresses, Monthelie, Volnay and Pommard with about half of their vineyards situated in Meursault. They recently doubled their holdings in Corton Charlemagne so we hope with bated breath that our allocations for this wine will increase.


Jean-Francoise officially retired after the 2009 vintage and the winemaking duties in 2010 passed on to his son Raphael who has been working alongside his father since 2001 as well as his daughter-in-law Charline. We are pleased to note that the same high standards have been maintained as the two of them have continued to perpetuate the family tradition faithfully.